Aircraft Cargo Nets

Aerotex Interiors has the capability to repair/manufacture aircraft cargo-nets/barrier nets/restraints systems.
Aircraft Cargo Nets

Aerotex Interiors is a fully equipped Custom Cargo Net manufacturer. Our Cargo Net department has 6 automatic tackers, 2 industrial sewing machines and an automatic heat webbing cutter. Each tacker has its own programmed stitch pattern resulting in better time efficiency. Quality and Lead-time is our top priority.

Types of Cargo Nets:

  • Barrier Nets
  • Ski Basket Nets Internal Restraints 
  • Cargo Tie Down Restraints

We offer a tear-proof custom labelling solution for your Cargo Nets. Guaranteed to last longer then other labels.

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Types of Aircraft Cargo Nets

Aircraft Cargo Net Webbing

Aircraft Cargo Net Hardware

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