5052 Aluminum

5052 Aluminum

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5052 Aluminum
5052 is the alloy most suited to forming operations, with good workability and higher strength than that of the 1100 or 3003 alloys that are commercially available.

5052 is not heat-treatable, but is stronger than most of the 5xxx series of alloys. It has very good corrosion resistance, and can be easily welded. 5052 is not a good choice for extensive machining operations, as it has only a fair machinability rating.

Stock Sizes Available:
.050äó? - 48äó? x 96äó?
.080äó? - 48äó? x 96äó?
.125äó? - 48äó? x 96äó?

CNC Cutting / Custom Cuts & Sizes are also available please contact us.

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