Aircraft Seat Belt Repairs & Rewebbing

Aerotex Interiors is currently one of the few Transport Canada approved companies certified to do cargo-nets, shoulder harness and seat belt repairs by webbing replacement with our state-of-the-art equipment. We have been re-webbing seat belts and shoulder harnesses since 2001 and have perfected the quality of our service. We issue out maintenance release tag and a TCCA Form 1 with all our orders.
Aircraft Seat Belt Repair and Rewebbing
As we are aware of the tight deadlines and last minute AOG rushes in the aviation industry. We offer a really quick turnaround time at a great price. We are very competitive with our pricing and if you are getting better pricing somewhere else, please let us know.

We specialize in inspecting-repairing-rewebbing-certifying the following:
  • Cargo nets
  • Crew & passenger seatbelt assemblies
  • Shoulder harnesses
  • Inertia reels
  • Restraint systems
    Signs that your belts need to be certified: 

    • Webbing is frayed or torn

    • Hardware broken or in operational

    • Stitches broken or loose

    • TSO tags are missing or illegible

      Belts are 10 years or older

    Aircraft Seat Belt Repair and Rewebbing
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