Aerotex adds new hardware options for its restraints systems


Calgary, AB, January 2020Aerotex is improving the convenience and availability of their cargo-net and restraint system hardware by making them readily available for   purchase to anyone looking to upgrade or replace their current hardware. Whether it is for a new or existing set, customers now have more options available for their aircraft or maintenance needs.


Cargo net/Restraints wares and Aviation Supply


Aerotex is now stocking cargo net and restraint system hardware to meet with client demands. With a stock of alligator clips, snap hooks, and swivel hooks available repairing, maintaining, and manufacturing cargo nets and restraints has become quicker and more efficient. With different load capabilities and harness options, customers will have a larger variety of hardware to choose from. With the recent addition of aviation sheet supply and net/restraint hardware supply allows Aerotex to reduce lead-times and improve customer experience. Check out the cargo net hardware now.


Aerotex will be attending the 2020 HAI HELI SHOW


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The goal of Aerotex is to provide clients with quality helicopter and airplane accessories with the fastest lead time possible. The foundation the company has been built as a family over the past 25+ years, with continued efforts to innovate and grow, seek out cutting-edge technologies, new materials, and advanced methods to improve their products and services. Aerotex stands on the principles of: Innovation, practicality, safety, reliability, and cost effectiveness. They are committed to providing superior experience in customer service, taking the time to understand the needs of each of client. Aerotex Interiors can be found online at or contacted at 403-295-8770.

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