Step 3: Shine

Step 3 in 5S is Shine or “Seiso”, which translates to “cleanliness.” While the first and second steps cleared up space and arranged the area for efficiency, this step attacks the dirt and grime that inevitably builds up underneath the clutter, and works to keep it from coming back. [1]


Habitual Cleaning

Shine is more than just haphazard or sporadic cleaning. It is routine and habitual cleaning that extends beyond weekly sweeps and wipe-downs - even beyond cleaning and maintenance staff. Each person takes ownership of their area, equipment, and tools. A consistently clean area will allow workers to spot any aberrations or hazards in their area. Dangerous situations will be easily understood and accounted for, missing or out-of-place items will be easily recognized, and workers naturally tend to keep their area as clean as its surroundings. This is an empowering step that can give the workers or staff control of their space by consistently shining their workspace. 

Shining may not seem like a monumental task compared to prior steps but without it, the efforts of the first two steps quickly fall apart. One will notice that without shining, it is easy to fall back into poor habits. With constant cleaning and inspections used in Shine, the system can feed into a preventative maintenance program. This way, 5S can extend the working life of equipment and help reduce emergency downtime. [2]


At Our Shop

Daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines have been instilled during the implementation of 5S and it continues to show. At this point, there is no expectation to clean from superiors or colleagues, it just happens. Everyone takes ownership of their own space and keeps it tidy and clean. Maintaining a tidy area permeated throughout the entire organization and now, every department contributes to keep the entire organization clean and shiny.


March 13, 2020

As of one day ago, the World Health Organization announced that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease is a global pandemic. With that considered, the action of shining beyond the workplace is more important than ever. Staying educated and informed can and will aid in further spreading of COVID-19. It is important to understand how to prevent, and if contracted, how to quarantine yourself as to prevent over-burdening the health care system. Find out more here. [3]


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