Aerotex Interiors issued Part Design Approval for Bell Mediums Soft Interiors Replacement

Calgary, AB, November 2019 – Aerotex Interiors, is approved aviation upholstery, soft interiors and exterior covers fabrication facility in Canada. They have announced that they have been approved and issued PDA19-41 (Part Design Approval), which is certification that allows for the manufacturing of the Bell Mediums (204B, 205A, 205A-1, 205B, 212, 214B, 214B-1, 412, 412 CF, 412 EP) Soft Interiors Replacement in accordance with Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA).


Upholstery and Soft Interiors Maintenance

When operating any transportation vehicle, we seek out for any wears-and-tears that inevitably happen so to stay vigilant with maintenance and upkeep. Especially when it comes to aircrafts - longevity, sustainability, and safety is essential for any operator or maintenance operation. Like mechanical parts, upholstery and soft interiors of an aircraft play an important part in the durability, usability, and protection of the aircraft. That is why it is upmost priority to have upholstery and soft interiors maintained and repaired by an approved and certified source.


PDA19-41: Bell Medium Soft Interiors Replacement

PDA19-41 is certification approved by TCCA in accordance with CAR (Canadian Aviation Regulations) section 521.357 that allows the holder to manufacture replacements for Bell Medium helicopters, which include: Bell 204B, 205A, 205A-1, 205B, 212, 214B, 214B-1, 412, 412 CF, and 412 EP.  The soft interior replacements include:

  • Boot covers
  • All crew and passenger seat cushions
  • All seat covers
  • Bumper pads (stanchion posts)
  • Wall blanket kits
  • Crew pilot/co-pilot seat mesh covers and pads
  • Check out the catalog here

All are direct OEM replacement parts and are recognized worldwide and installed by any aviation-regulated country (i.e. FAA, EASA, ICAO).


Certification and Aerotex 

With STC (Supplemental Type Certification) for various other parts and manufacturers, PDA19-41 allows Aerotex to produce soft interiors and upholstery for Bell Medium helicopters as an approved manufacturer. Aerotex has gone through rigorous review and engineering to attain this approval, which trickles directly to the customer. This makes for an even better experience with Aerotex, eliciting trust and confidence in the product through this certification; there is no question that Aerotex products adhere to regulation with superb quality. Check out the newly approved parts here.


About Aerotex

The goal of Aerotex is to provide clients with quality helicopter and airplane accessories with the fastest lead time possible. The foundation the company has been built as a family over the past 25+ years, with continued efforts to innovate and grow, seeking out cutting-edge technologies, new materials, and advanced methods to improve their products and services. Aerotex stands on the principles of: Innovation, practicality, safety, reliability, and cost effectiveness. They are committed to providing superior experience in customer service, taking the time to understand the needs of each of client. Aerotex Interiors can be found online at or contacted at 403-295-8770.


Media Contact:

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